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    > there is something like the e5500 a 64 bit core derived from e500 for QorIQ in
    > the pipeline, but no e700 (which would AFAIK a 64 bit derivate from the e600) .

    Seems some Wikipedia editor's opinion differs from yours:

    "Freescale have used the e700 and NG-64 monikers to refer to this core since 2004. [...] PowerPC e700 - The former codename for what probably was to be this product."

    "The PowerPC e700 or NG-64 (Next Generation 64-bit) [...] was eventually revealed as the e5500 core."

    "The e700 is not based on e600."

    I was extremely surprised to actually find a Freescale PDF file (dating September 2005) supporting his view:

    http://web.archive.org/web/20060623094707/http://www.freescale.com/files/abstract/overview/FTF_BN112.pdf (page 35)

    Can it really be that e700 was supposed to be based on e500 (and not on e600) from the very beginning? For instance, I couldn't find one single document listing AltiVec as a planned e700 feature, which is further supporting the Wikipedia editor's view.

    Edit: some more documents indicating that e700 was supposed to be a continuation of e500:

    From June 2005, few weeks after Apple's switch announcement:
    http://www.freescale.com/files/community_files/MCUCOMM/1033_e300_e500_e600_comp.pdf (page 7 indicates e700 to become the basis of future PowerQUICC processors)

    From September 2007:
    http://www.power.org/devcon/07/Session_Downloads/PADC07_Maguire_Sept25_MPC5121e_Freescale_final.pdf (page 8 lists e700 together with e500 in "Book III-E" column)

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