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    Velcro_SP wrote:

    Yes, a few years back the 5121 would have been nice, but today it is too little. does your cherry pal replay DVD quality video?

    DVD video is normally 720 pixels wide and 480 or 576 pixels high. No, but you must keep in mind that the built-in multimedia co-processors are not supported. Maybe in the current software for LimePC X-1 they are. I do not know what the result would be were the co-processors supported.

    Look, that is the prob with the 5121. It is on the market now for quite a while and *still* it isn't supported well. But time is a limited resource?and hardware progesses in the mean time, too. Nobody is interesed in a 400 MHz e300 for general computing any more. Yes, it does some job (I like my Efika), but the more the merrier. Instead of wasting resources to finally get support better stop it when you see it is too much work and decide for another product. In ppc-land that probably means for very low cost to better use some PowerQICC (Andreas mentioned it again) or maybe chose a chip from Applied Micro (no e300s though). The 5121 sounded nice back then, but it didn't kept promises and time has moved on. The idea of a 5121 and general computing better gets buried, RIP.

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