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    The Efika 5200B had a few weak points.

    I really never was happy with my Efika, for the reasons you name and more. As someone who has both an Efika and a Cherrypa1/LimePC X-1, the latter is IMO superior by far. It was the great missed opportunity of 2006 or whenever that was that Genesi didn't close the deal on a 5121e-based self-contained unit. It was a real tragedy. MorphOS would have been and would be still great on it and the annoying low-mem issues with OWB etc. could all have been avoided. Really sad.

    Yes, a few years back the 5121 would have been nice, but today it is too little. does your cherry pal replay DVD quality video? I think that would be minimum today. And a bit too much for teh e300/400. *If* freescale came out with asome 512x sporting an e300/600 that could be something interesting still. But i don't know of any plans like that.

    As for the idea, Zylesea, that software cache coherence is a showstopper for Linux... Linux runs on 5121e-based computers. In fact as far as I know it's the only OS that runs on 5121e-based computers. It doesn't seem like the Linux show was stopped. Maybe it presented some challenges to the actors, but I don't think it stopped the show.

    Well it was a show stopper since it added much, much additional work on the software side - consuming time and introducing more delays. All in al it just took too long. And cherrypal/lime may have a working product now (for a while), but obviously it isn't selling like hot cakes today. It took too long. It pops up here and then from time to time (last time as the Vodafone Sout Africa offer), but yet I don't have heard from a real success story. Unfortunately, I must add.

    I do hope Genesi strikes gold with their ARM systems though. I guess there is some excitement there.

    Yeah, I wish them all the best luck, too. Not only because I think they deserved it (i think they did good work), but also because they never said they left ppc world totally and forever. Having earned some money and additional reputation, maybe a new ppc project may be a good addition to the portfolio. But the current priority is of course to get the EfikaMX successfully to the market. But who knows what the futre may bring...

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