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    > It'd also be nice if ACube came up with a 5121e-based system

    ACube already evaluated the MPC5121e:

    (03) Could you please tell us a bit about how and why the ADS5121/Hellrosa/Efika2 was on display by ACube Systems at Pianeta Amiga?

    We, as hardware manufacturer, evaluate many different kind of processors. Since this is a reference board we are studying and evaluating it (as we are doing with other processors).

    The fact that now there's still no MPC5121e based hardware or announcement thereof by ACube seems to indicate that they rejected the utilization of the MPC5121e.

    If they read the according threads at www.powerdeveloper.org I can imagine why they refused the 5121.
    And since Acube made good experience with Aplied Micro (former AMCC) I would suggest tehm to try to build a sub 100 EUR board around the APM 801xx. That chip is dirtiest cheap and delivers at 800 MHz a little more power (about 1.5 times MIPS wise) than the e300 @ 400MHz. From the specs a nice chip for ultra low price / lowest wattage / low end applications.

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