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    > Do you think these news release might have something to do with Varisys
    > discouraging me from looking further into PA Semi PPC processors?

    I really don't know. I'm fairly puzzled that while developing a PA6T based board (for which the CPU parts have been sourced by A-Eon according to the extended press release PDF file) Varisys discouraged you from looking into the PA6T. Maybe you could ask them for clarification?

    > its hard to believe that everyone on this site isn't aware of how weak Acube's
    > next board is going to be.

    I think I'm quite aware of the weakness of a 1 GHz PPC440 core + smallish L2 cache based CPU in comparison to e.g. a G4 CPU of the same clock rate ;-)

    > we don't need to worry about Acube's products

    What you take for worrying is probably rather some's consideration of the Sam460EX as a possible candidate for a future MorphOS hardware platform ;-)
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