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    Answer to myself:

    >>>> Just yesterday I contact a UK company that builds PPC boards (mainly
    >>>> because the head of the company had designed an XMOS based PCIe
    >>>> sound card). He basically discouraged me from looking into the PA Semi
    >>>> based board he had designed because he was having trouble obtaining the
    >>>> processors.

    >>> It's not Varisys you're speaking of, is it?

    >> Yep, you obviously know this company.

    > Sounds as if my assumption that Varisys would be the still unnamed Nemo
    > designers won't turn out true.

    Actually, my assumption just turned out true:

    http://www.a-eon.com/news.html :-)

    > Actually, I should have known this, because it was said
    > the Nemo designing company was 15 years old, whereas
    > Varisys has been founded by Barnes only 10 years ago

    Hmm, seems Hermans's calendar is 5 years fast ;-)

    > probably as some kind of Transtech spin-off

    "The partnership developed at Transtech Parallel Systems, where they worked for a decade or more before that on the company's Inmos T800 based Transputer products. [...] While at Transtech, Adam designed embedded processors boards based on Inmos Transputer, Intel i860, and both TI and Analog DSP Devices. During the mid to late 1990s he led the development of a series of PowerPC products based on G2 (603), G3 (750) and G4 (7400) CPUs. [...] Having known Transputer inventor and XMOS head David May (then head of Inmos) since their Transtech days, Varisys was eager to work with him on his latest project, and helped XMOS get up and running with validation boards and development systems."
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