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    > i read back when 2.4 just came out was that the devs didn't want to touch it because
    > of "incompatibilities" with current software may happen.

    Quote from the Bigfoot interview about the chances of G5 Mac support:

    "These machines are a bit more troublesome: They use 64 bit CPUs, which would require quite some modifications to Quark to support. Other than that, they don't have much in common with earlier Macs when it comes to hardware, so the driver circus starts from new again."

    So there seem to be two obstacles pointed out by Bigfoot : (1) 64 bit CPU and (2) need for new drivers for the remaining onboard components.

    Regarding (1), my naive understanding of the matter is that the kernel would be able to run in 32 bit mode but somehow would have to tell the CPU to switch to that mode upon system start. Given that Hyperion seem to have managed to overcome the obstacle of switching a 64 bit CPU into 32 bit mode and running a 32 bit OS on it, I can't imagine it would be that hard for the MorphOS Team's kernel wizard to achieve the same ;-)

    > If I were worried about incompatibilities, maybe a 64-bit kernel, 32-bit userland
    > setup would be better than a full 64-bit OS?

    Yes, probably. Or even both kernel (Quark) and userland (ABox) in 32 bit?
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