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    >> A PPC460 based core like the APM821xx has? A PPC405 based core?
    >> Or something else?

    > 800 MHZ are expected to deliver 1216 MIPS i.e. only 1.5 MIPS/MHz.

    Thanks for the pointer. I overlooked this important piece of information in the press release. A value of 1.52 DMIPS/MHz clearly points to a PPC405 core (compare: PPC405EX, PPC405EXr). So I think we have it. Thanks again :-)

    > IIRC the 460 core should do about 2 MIPS/MHz (like the e300).

    Yes, PPC460 (as well as PPC440) delivers 2.0 DMIPS/MHz. But e300 delivers slightly less, namely 1.9 DMIPS/MHz.
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