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    You can compare this debate to vehicles.
    @X86 advocates

    Lets say I have a '97 MR2 I love, I use it for racing and such. Now I get my spark plugs from one exclusive manufacturer. Now, you're telling that manufacturer to stop making parts for that car and to make them for a new car, such as the Honda S2k (which already gets parts from Honda), because you want cheaper parts for it. Problem is, you are alienating the millions who depend on this company. Same here, We have AROS on X86, why can't that be enough proof to show you x86 is not good? (If windows and Snow leopard don't already convince you) Because of you're unwillingness to see that the end of development on PPC is the end of Amigas, because you will be helping the very companies that destroyed them. Amiga, is 68k and PPC, anything else, is an abomination that will never be Amiga.
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