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    @ jcmarcos

    There is still room for low end solutions. I think if you would offer a 99 US$ mini computer it could sell. Those ultra low priced things are currently only able to get realized with ARM or PPC.
    Applied micro just has introduced the APM801xx family. A series of ultra low priced, low power ppc SoCs (SoC w/o gfx or Audio, but offers PCIe and comes with SATA, usb2.0 and GbE). They are clocked up to 800 MHz (enough for simple things, just the Power of a SAM board and well above the Efika 5200B) and sell for less than 10US$!
    Chips like that have the potential to establish a market for very, very cheap, ultra low wattage small devices (of cleverly designed). That would be a product of a kind not available yet.
    More or less like the cherrypal/Efika2, but cheaper? and with more power.

    ?) For the Efika2 there was never a price confirmed, but probably it would have got an attractive price tag, since Genesi was always pretty price sensitive.

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