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    Velcro_SP wrote:

    We need more low-wattage machines that make use of high amounts of memory and well-written software to achieve performance.

    Agreed 100%. The "problem" is that the industry (thus not us) is already doing so!


    MorphOS proves that performance is not all about brawn, it is about brains too. It gets okay performance on a lowly Efika.

    Od course. But you'll have a hard time finding a regular computer thas has so little power. Imagine telling your boss that you have to spend very expensive human resources into optimizing for an scenario that either doesn't exist, or is easily avoided.

    Of course, I agree that MorphOS is more clever than other operating systems. But it also does less things. And it has to, in order to kkep its philosopy.


    processor bundled with and cooperating with special chips on a board. Like a chip for 3D environments and one for Theora video at hi-def.

    Very valid option. Just because it's a very obvious option! Pity that, again, the industry is already doing so: If you specifically suggest "custom chips", by the time you have them working properly (after a huuuuuge and bloody expensive development cycle) you already have in the market very clever chips that already do that, and more. Would you compete with ATi or nVidia in the GPU space? Perhaps you just want a subset of the functions their chips already provide... But hey, go boy the full package! It's going to be proven, cheaper technology.

    It's a shame, but the scenario in which the Amiga 1000 emerged no longer exists, when you could outshine others doing all the components by yourself, becuase noone else had those components. There were much more opportunities for innovation.

    There are lots of extremely clever engineering teams designing pretty much anything you could ever think about. Both in processor and coprocessor areas.

    So, in all, the "problem" is that computer industry has become boring. Innovation is only possible in the software area: Putting those clever chips to work like they should!

    Now I've realized I've just said things you already knew. Sorry for wasting your time guys!
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