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    No I did not, I was too young to remember the closing of C=, but I learned back in '05 about PowerPC, Amigas and such, and just last year I got my PowerPC macs and i have decided not to buy x86 any more because PowerPC has given me what I want. I no longer want to be in the rat race of "my PC can kick urs" type stuff, I have game systems for that. I'm willing to pay a premium for PPC because it is better quality and because it isn't a monopoly which has inferior products. The 867Mhz G4 could beat the fastest P4 at 1.7Ghz at its release, the 1.5Ghz trumps the 3gHz P4. And before long, another design will be developed, maybe in the server market, which can defeat the Xeon and i7. The 970MP alone can beat a core 2 duo at the 1.5 times the clock. The 060 is better than teh Pentium, I have done benchmarks in the past with my uncle, who is a web designer and is friends with some of the best US embedded engineers.

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    My Macs:
    Powerbook G4 ALU 1.5GHZ 15" 1.5GB OSX.5.8
    Powermac G4 MDD 1.5GHZ OSX.5.8 MOS2.7

    Want a part for a Mac? Let me know, I'll see what I can do.

    Amithlon is amazing, questions and help I can provide.
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