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    Bottom line: If MOS becomes x86, I'm leaving because it would become, overtime, just another OS, with nothing special to it any longer, for x86, Linux and UNIX win hands down. I'm buying an x1000 within a year of its release, and for me, my current PPC line has been my greatest investment, all of my x86 boxes were crap and most were brand new, and are now probably in pieces on I-95, if the fragments havent already caused an accident. My macs are at least twice as fast as they were, and most have half the power. PowerPC isn't dead until the last G5 PMac dies my friend, or the last X1000. Go tell to the MOS devs about making a switch, I have neither the willingness nor the power to assist you, or go make a blog and post there, I'm tired of this x86 switch spam
    My Macs:
    Powerbook G4 ALU 1.5GHZ 15" 1.5GB OSX.5.8
    Powermac G4 MDD 1.5GHZ OSX.5.8 MOS2.7

    Want a part for a Mac? Let me know, I'll see what I can do.

    Amithlon is amazing, questions and help I can provide.
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