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    Jim wrote:

    Has anyone looked at the current X86 instruction set recently?

    Me scratching head... Why exactly should we care about the instruction set of the CPU? I'm sure you know that word... "compiler":


    if we are going to have to use higher level languages

    "IF"? You are scaring me, Jim!


    who is going to create these tools for MorphOS?

    You mean we can't use an existing x86 compiler? I fear I'm missing something very big, because I'm puzzled.


    Does MorphOS stand a chance against x86 competition that already has a gigantic base of available software?

    Sure not. But that's not the idea. The idea is having cheap and good hardware, that's all. I'm not saying it's easy to do, though.
    MorphOS Team are a bunch of geniuses, and even porting from one apple to another apple takes a lot of effort.

    Back to the x86 topic, that CPU's instruction set might look like shit, but last time I checked, regular pecees were very good computers.

    Anyway, no problem: MorphOS for x86 won't happen. God bless the Mac Mini port! Roll on PowerMac version, to increase the fun even more!
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