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    > Way off you say? In a city of 280.000 citizens, I find it very difficult to believe that you
    > would have a hard time finding yourself a second hand Mac.

    That's not what I said. See below.

    > Throw in a classified add in the local newspaper, or use whatever channel there is for
    > general second hand goods in your city, and I'm sure you'd get several interesting
    > offers from people that's more than happy for an opportunity to offload their G4 equipment.

    That's not what "you can easily go down town today and get one locally" implies. "Today" implies that I get up in the morning (let's assume having a day off on a normal workday), have the spontaneous idea to get a G4 Mac, take my shoes and can easily return home no later than evening the same day with a G4 Mac under my arms. That's what I questioned. Throwing a classified to the newspaper would take several days to get published and answered. And while we have a number of 2nd hand stores here, it's not a save bet that any of them has a G4 Mac in stock.

    > Of course not, but neither are Sam's...

    Yes, of course. In my opinion the general availability of G4 Macs is better than that of Sam440s.
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