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    jcmarcos wrote:

    Zylesea wrote:
    On the long run there may be need for more powerful hardware.

    Yes, but I can't see the NEED yet for that.

    Do you see a need for this?


    Media stuff is nice, isn't it? And isn't the above link what we all and people in general really expect a desktop system to do *as a minimum*? Stuff like this should just work, shouldn't it?

    I see some Flash 10 apps and games really struggle on my G4 Mac with MacOS X and the official Adobe Flash Player. It can be a slide show sometimes. AFAIK, the Sam can't play DVD video without frame skipping. MorphOS on Mac Mini plays H264 720p movies. But 1080p?

    I don't buy this "but AmigaOS runs fine on low power hardware" if what you want to do is to use it as a desktop system. Desktops (that's being used beyond IRC, SSH terminal stuff and checking e-mails, etc) needs power, period. Perhaps a system that simply doesn't have what it takes to play the most basic and most commonly used media formats, shouldn't call itself a *desktop* system?
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