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    Zylesea wrote:

    I don't get this "obsession" with "new". As long as it works well, everything's fine IMHO.

    Agreed. In fact, using second hand equipment has some drawbacks, but many important advantages. You benefit from the reliability and availability that others have built up, at a lower cost. The funniest thing is that the only difficult part is choosing target, and, in PowerPC space, it's dead easy, as there's only one. And the MorphOS Team chose it.
    Can anyone imagine where would we be now, if MorphOS still only worked on Pegasos and Efikas?


    On the long run there may be need for more powerful hardware.

    Yes, but I can't see the NEED yet for that. Add up the fact that the PowerPC space is shrinking instead of expanding, and go figure. It's very, very unwise to target for a completely new (supposed) PowerPC computer.


    The MPC 8610 was (still is!) interesting. For real low end stuff there is plenty to chose (e.g. the 5123), too. But low end is only attractive if you go for real high volume productions and I fail to see this done by someone.

    Exactly the picture. Genesi has tried it many times, but it has never catched and tied a mass market opportunity. I guess mass market and weird computers just don't match. Which is a shame, of course...


    crying for lost chances are rather vain tears.

    Indeed. But changing platform is just too much for us tech junkies.


    Jim wrote:

    after working with the 8640 (and finding the design requirements to be far too complex)

    Yes, that's what I heard from Genesi's Matt "Neko" Sealey. Things only looked nice when you just saw the CPU. As soon as you started to think about how to build the whole computer around it, it gets wickedly complicated.


    and after being underwhelmed by the 8610

    What was so bad about it? Something in common with the MPC512x's integrated devices, sucking so much bandwidth from the CPU that it almost ruined performance?


    Andreas_Wolf wrote:

    For both buying G4 Macs and IBM CPUs no NDA required

    Amen! Compare the A-Eon sittuation with happily picking up an EXISTING, WORKING, PROVED MacMini computer for a couple hundred, and immediately start enjoying MorphOS...

    Pity that those cheap computers make the operating system look more expensive (me ducks ;-) ).

    God choice, Team!
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