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    Picked off the pavement like IBM processors?

    What about Titan, Andreas? I can't get technical information out of Applied Micro. They're more tight lipped than IBM.

    It's frustrating, after working with the 8640 (and finding the design requirements to be far too complex) and after being underwhelmed by the 8610, it would be nice to have something new to work with. There are some new PPC processors that are promising (sorry guys, PPCs not dead yet), but right now what currently in production is too slow and overpriced.

    And I DO think Mac G4 support is brilliant. With what I've saved putting together a relatively fast Powermac, spending 150 Euros on an OS isn't nearly as painful (as it was when my only option was overpriced used Genesi/bplan hardware).

    What about the Fixstars hardware you've mentioned? I don't consider $1200 to be too far out of line. The last 68K systems the company I worked for in the 80s and 90s was about that expensive. However, I don't see it listed on Fixstars' website anymore.
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