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    Jim wrote:
    It would be nice to be able to run MorphOS on NEW equipment.

    Well, sure. But I don't get this "obsession" with "new". As long as it works well, everything's fine IMHO. My Mac mini is 2nd hand. But it works flawlessly, is fast enough and was pretty cheap - so what?
    On the long run there may be need for more powerful hardware. But if this more powerful hardware will be new or 2nd hand is IMHO only a problem of 2nd order.
    Supply must be relative easy and affordable. Currently the Mac G4 hardware fits well.

    OTOH I would applause to some new and remotely competetive hardware - but I fail to fullfill Acube or A-eon doing this. Both products (Sam and this x1000) are/wil be way to expensive. Genesi/bplan were close, but eventually they also dropped the ppc towel.
    The MPC 8610 was (still is!) interesting, but unfortunately it doesn't get fresher. I think the next interesting candidate in ppc land may be the ibm 476 (or some QorIQ). For real low end stuff there is plenty to chose (e.g. the 5123), too. But low end is only attractive if you go for real high volume productions and I fail to see this done by someone.
    Still a sad thing, that the Efika 8610 hasn't made it?- but crying for lost chances are rather vain tears.

    Whenever you're sad just remember the world is 4.543 billion years old and you somehow managed to exist at the same time as David Bowie.
    ...and Matthias , my friend - RIP
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