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    > PowerPC 970FX! 64bit, dual core, could easily do 1.8GHz.

    1. Dual-core would mean 970MP, not 970FX.
    2. See takemehomegrandma's reference to A-Eon's hint regarding the CPU's commonness. 970MP is freely available as a new part and was used in Macs (vs. "the X1000 processor currently has very limited availability, and you've probably never seen one in the wild").
    3. As the board picture shows, the CPU must be a SoC. The 970MP is not a SoC but would need the CPC945 northbridge.

    > what is it Andreas?

    I think you know by now what I think it is. We discussed it in this very thread :-)
    In case you forgot already: http://www.eetimes.com/news/latest/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=208808517

    > after all this discussion on the new Acube MB, why not port MorphOS to Acube boards?
    > The Applied Micro processors they're using are a little underpowered, but the boards
    > are avaiable.

    The Sam460ex is not available by now. Or do you mean the 'Canyonlands' reference board? Porting to available Sam440ep(-flex) wouldn't be worth the hassle in my opinion, at least unless ACube pay the MorphOS team to do it (like Genesi payed them for porting to the Efika 5200B). But ACube already declined to pay them for porting.
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