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    Jim wrote:
    PowerPC 970FX! 64bit, dual core, could easily do 1.8GHz.
    No, I don't think it's an IBM processor either, but what is it Andreas?

    The CPU is said to be something that we probably haven't seen "out in the wild".


    Also, after all this discussion on the new Acube MB, why not port MorphOS to Acube boards? The Applied Micro processors they're using are a little underpowered

    Compared to what MorphOS currently runs on (and will be running on soonish), that motherboard is not only "a little" underpowered, it's also ridiculously expensive, and a very low volume thing. How many could Acube hope to sell to the Amiga community? 30? 60? 90? All in all, how would it be worthwhile the time and effort to support something that inferior? It's no point, and would be a major step backwards...


    but the boards are avaiable. Isn't availability one of the major considerations (when deciding what to port to)?

    Current MorphOS HW has far better availability than any Acube motherboard, in fact, MorphOS has probably never had a better HW availability situation than today. There are G4 Macs everywhere, they are mainstream, and you can easily go down town today and get one locally (at least if you don't live in some outskirt village), which is far better than ordering some obscure motherboard from the other side of the planet by some hobbyist Amiga reseller that runs his company from his basement. When Powermac support gets introduced, you will be able to buy a *complete system* for the kind of money you would spend on *shipment alone* from "Amikit"...
    MorphOS is Amiga done right! :-)
    MorphOS NG will be AROS done right! :-)
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