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    > you obviously really want to talk with me because you keep responding to my comments

    You must be some kind of super-genius to come to that conclusion.

    > even though I've made it clear that I really don't want to talk with you

    But you do, don't you?

    > you're an insulting, distasteful, tricky, anal-retentive human webspider.

    That made me laugh, really :-D

    > And a false accuser

    You mean like TeleRead's Chris Meadows?

    > who said I'm a liar but never did give any intelligible or genuine example.

    I did, numerous times. It's just that you're not able to grasp, and you often don't remember what you wrote just before, which makes arguing with you a PITA. But I won't give up.

    > You're deceptive and tricky.


    > For example in the other recent thread you intentionally misconstrue my comment
    > about the 5121e that I point out as having 256 megs RAM as referring to the chip alone,
    > when it was clear I referred to the board.

    Why am I not surprised that you don't grasp my well-meant explanation of your misconception? Well, let's try once more:
    There is no "the board" in regard to the MPC5121e . You didn't even say which MPC5121e equipped board you were referring to. In fact, there are *numerous* MPC5121e equipped boards with *different* amounts of RAM. So it just makes no sense stating that "the 5121e [has] double the RAM of Efika" like you did.

    > It's tricky and deceptive, and intended to be annoying, i.e. trolling.

    I just enlightened you about your misconception.

    > you'll come back with some long-winded tricky babble that no-one but you
    > understands

    We both know that you don't understand what I write because you don't even read my answers properly. You even confessed that back in October.

    > then hopefully I'll go back to ignoring you

    We'll see.

    > I should have said "that's idiotic" as Blender is available for modern PCs and there's
    > no reason but masochism to try to start a ray-tracing business using Blender and
    > an X1000 running OS4.

    It's not about ray-tracing businesses to use OS4 but about OS4 users to be able to do ray-tracing without having to run the computation overnightly.

    > That's marketing speak for the CPU and doesn't tell us or indicate whether the
    > X1000 altogether will use a lot of watts

    Yes, I just wanted to point out that the CPU has the minor part in that, provided A-Eon's statement holds true. So if the X1000 will use "lot of watts", then in conclusion the southbridge (probably AMD SB600), providing for the board I/O, and the gfx card will have to have the main part in watts usage.

    > I'm sure you'll want to debate at length now exactly how many watts I mean by "a lot."


    > I mean relative to other Amiga-like-OS hardware like Pegasos, Efika, Sam,
    > various A1 versions, and PPC Mac mini.

    Efika and Sam are economical in comparison to Nemo, that's for sure. But they're also much much weaker. We'll see how Nemo will compare to Pegasos II G4, AmigaOne-XE G4 and Mac mini G4 regarding power usage. Nemo will probably be hungrier (even when taking the gfx card, which is interchangeable in two of the three comparing machines, off the equation) but I think it's not sure that by much. Nemo mainly has CPU and southbridge, the others have CPU, northbridge and southbridge.

    > I said "to me" in that sentence [...]
    > I was making a statement of personal opinion.

    Fair enough. My bad.

    > clipped out the middle of it for no good reason to replace with your ellipsis

    Huh? That's just because I didn't want to argue about "coolness" but only about the alleged Pegasos-likeness.
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