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    jcmarcos wrote:

    Come on, can't they source a CPU that's simply available, without any bullshit?

    Got any suitable recommendations?

    I can't believe one has to sign an NDA to source a CPU for a new design. What makes me ill is that it's supposed to add an amigan edge to the project, like "gee, we'll be using a secret weapon nobody else has".
    I thought amigans had grown enough to avoid the kind of plays. Is that secret going to impress anyone? Sure: Me. But for the negative part.


    Why do you believe it is a serious CPU manufacturer?


    On the other side, I had a look at A-Eon's revamped site, and had a wonderful long time reading the fantastic history behind the XMOS chip added to the X1000 (the only thing that makes it interesting).

    That chip heralds back to the mythical INMOS Transputer, which sets the reader back to the eighties, the golden computer age when things were, actually, way more interesting and risky than now.

    In one of the most convoluted twists in Amiga history, a revelation comes: The new Amiga X1000 is "the same" as an Atari Transputer Workstation!

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