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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:


    that CPU (which A-Eon childishly keep "secret")

    "the NDA is incorporated into the CPU supply agreement", if this NDA really exists, I wouldn't call the secrecy childish.

    That supposed NDA makes it even MORE childish. It's just another attempt at making it more interesting, with a supposed secrecy that adds a much needed fascination touch.

    When you attempt to build a computer, you source desired components looking plainly at price and availability. If there's secrecy around any of them, that can only be bad, as it's just obstacles in a very, very complex race.

    Come on, can't they source a CPU that's simply available, without any bullshit? It's just this amigan thinking again: "Look, we chose a weird CPU, because we're so cool we can't use a common one. It's so cool that we were forced to sing a secrecy contract with blood".

    So we have to believe that a serious CPU manufacturer does choose, for its new product, a completely unknown company to make an almost unmarketable motherboard.
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