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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:


    That thing probably will consume lots of watts.

    From the old A-Eon site:
    "it's a dual-core Power Architecture CPU, with a very low Thermal Design Point."
    ...whatever value that should mean specifically.

    Sure, probably that CPU (which A-Eon childishly keep "secret") will be one of the least consuming components. The remaining will sure suck a lot of watts.

    Overall, this "X-1000" computer is much too complex for the sort of things one can do with it. Let's see how many buy into that "Amiga" brand, because they make clear that's its main attraction.

    Adding an XMOS chip with a silly new name is not brilliant engineering. Chances are that chip will stay idle forever, unless a very specific use is planned, and the corresponding software done.

    The positive note? That, this time, the new computer does exist, and will be seen in public very soon. A first appeareance of a new computer, in a vintage computer show.

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