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    > You don't need that stuff for iBrowse or Frogger video player or UAE or
    > whatever people use OS4 for now.

    They mainly haven't been using IBrowse and surely not Frogger anymore for years because they have OWB, MPlayer and DVPlayer. And E-UAE for PPC being JIT-less can't have enough CPU power anyway.

    > Does the X1000 represent a master plan to restart the Amiga ray-tracing market?

    Why not? Blender is rather demanding.

    > That thing probably will [...] consume lots of watts.

    From the old A-Eon site:
    "it's a dual-core Power Architecture CPU, with a very low Thermal Design Point."
    ...whatever value that should mean specifically.

    > Acube's machines have seemed [...] Pegasos-like to me

    Would they have been released 6 years ago, maybe. As 2007 and later released machines they're for my taste much too weak compared to Pegasos. I'm sure that the Pegasos II G4 will wipe the floor even with the yet to be released Sam460ex, and that'll be nearly 7 years after the release of the former.

    > this X1000 from A-Eon "high-end" thing is not appealing at all.

    ...to you, that is.
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