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    > Acube announced the "termination" of the Sam 440ep, but in the same announcement
    > (or in a forum comment, I can't remember) they also stipulated that, sure, they could make
    > another production run if only they would get an order for 30 units or more

    Yes, it's even on their website:

    "Availability: Sam440ep is available only under bulk orders, minimum quantity 30 boards."

    Note that the Sam440ep-flex page states: "Availability: now". So there should be a difference between Sam440ep and Sam440ep-flex regarding availability. I conclude that in case of the Sam440ep *one single* order must at least contain 30 units to start production, whereas in case of Sam440ep-flex the number of orders that reach the threshold for production start is irrelevant as long as the threshold is met in sum. In light of the small numbers in Amiga market that makes for a difference I guess.

    > My point is that once OS4 is announced/released for the Sam 460, they will hardly sell
    > another 30 units of the 440, but most certainly *only* units from the 460 batch, which
    > makes the term "in production" not quite accurate perhaps?

    So let's wait for the announcement of "termination" of the Sam440ep-flex once the Sam460ex is out. I guess the Sam460ex won't replace the Sam440ep-flex in the same sense the Sam440ep-flex didn't replace the Sam440ep ;-)

    > has OS4 been officially confirmed for the 460 yet BTW?

    From 5 days ago:

    "Hyperion Entertainment is very pleased that these two options will be availble to AmigaOS users."

    Maybe there are more recent statements by now. I don't know.
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