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    SoundSquare wrote:

    The board will NOT replace the Sam440ex-flex board

    so the Sam440ex-Flex is still in production, that will make 3.

    I think the term "is in production" gives an erroneous picture of a manufacturing plant with a long conveyor belt, that spits out products around the clock, day out day in, week after week. That's not really the case in Amigaland, where production is made in small batches whenever demand/orders reaches a certain threshold and/or it's decided at all worthwhile.

    Acube announced the "termination" of the Sam 440ep, but in the same announcement (or in a forum comment, I can't remember) they also stipulated that, sure, they could make another production run if only they would get an order for 30 units or more (this seems to be their threshold for starting up the "conveyor belt". BTW, in the same sense Genesi/bPlan could easily make another batch of Efikas, but it won't happen). So if you look at it that way, OS4 has four options (if you count the "X1000"). My point is that once OS4 is announced/released for the Sam 460, they will hardly sell another 30 units of the 440, but most certainly *only* units from the 460 batch, which makes the term "in production" not quite accurate perhaps?

    And will the "X1000" really get here? Who knows, but I have my doubts. I think it's most realistic that we in one year from now will see a 440 *or* a 460 based board for sale from Acube to Amigans (has OS4 been officially confirmed for the 460 yet BTW?), but that will be the only *single* option for OS4.

    In a year from now, MorphOS will probably be available for Mac Mini, PowerMac and PowerBook, and there will still be plenty of PPC based Macs in the second hand market by then.
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