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    I fully understand MorphosDevTeam doesn't look after new new-Amigas. AROS people port AROS to Sam boards and it causes shortages (read: insufficient manpower / time) around the main (PC) version which is pretty silly I think. They too should stick to PC (and notebooks especially) support.

    As jacadcaps said, I too see PPC Apple as the only direction now.


    I don't think so. Still, I'm worried about the dev pace. But there's a plenty of decent hi-end Apple hardware which is also cheap. 80% AmigaOS fans (including myself) cannot afford one (with the Sam bundle) So I think that despite what you said MDevTeam took fantastic direction to enable MorphOS user with CHEAP and POWER computers.



    I am happy that if everything goes as planned, this fall, three pcs of HW will be in production for AmigaOS. I support this of course, also remember the time with no HW for OS4 at all, now there's three coming.

    Also ACube rose specs a bit upwards which makes a "better" Amiga than e.g. SamEp or SamFlex. Another point plus.

    Anyway not sure if I can afford OS4 system this year, but I am vere very glad that next year, I will be having more choice.

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