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    > Personally, I'm surprised that they went with a company that is producing a
    > processor that will not continue to be developed.

    Beware, it's still not official that they use the PA6T. Up to now it's just my and other's educated guess, based on the specs and hints revealed so far.

    > Just yesterday I contact a UK company that builds PPC boards (mainly because the
    > head of the company had designed an XMOS based PCIe sound card). He basically
    > discouraged me from looking into the PA Semi based board he had designed because
    > he was having trouble obtaining the processors.

    It's not Varisys you're speaking of, is it?

    > I don't understand how A-EON is able to secure these.

    Seems it's quite a story, actually... ;-)

    > I'm also really impressed with the new gating technology AMs licensed for these products.

    http://www.google.com/search?q=intrinsity+apple ;-)
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