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    mobydick wrote:
    I think... If (if!) A1-X1000 will be released and if (if) it will be equipped with the PA6 - can we expect MorphOS for this board?

    (Yes, i read the pega-1's statement about Ben Hermanns, but... )

    If It has a PA6, It' """about""" a PowerMac G5, and I prefear always a PowerMac G5 with PCIe or AGP...

    First I'd like to see the support for Emac G4, Ibook, Powerbook G4 and in particular PowerMac G4 ...
    Second I'd like to see the support of Dual G4 CPU (some PowerMac G4)...
    Then a day the support for PowerMac G5 Single, Dual and Dual Core (with AGP and PCIe)

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