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    > can we expect MorphOS for this board? (Yes, i read the pega-1's statement
    > about Ben Hermanns, but... )

    More recent statements from pega-1 about chances of MorphOS for X1000 (German):

    http://www.pegasosforum.de/viewtopic.php?p=43637#p43637 (3 days ago)
    http://www.pegasosforum.de/viewtopic.php?p=43672#p43672 (2 days ago)

    Quick'n'dirty translation:

    "It's extremely improbable that further exotic hardware will ever be supported by MorphOS again. Personally, I'd even completely rule out this possibility. Regarding Sam460ex and X1000 we're talking about approx. a couple hundred boards. Minus the buyers who wouldn't purchase MorphOS for it on principle, that's not worth the hassle... [...] In case your Sam460ex or X1000 breaks you'll probably have a hard time getting a replacement. The value of having warranty on such hardware could be observed by looking at Eyetech's AmigaOnes..."
    "With any of the devices neither would the porting of MorphOS be within reasonable limits nor would the whole thing be somewhat profitable due to the reasons told above... The acquisition of the hardware alone would cost in the thousands if more than one reference unit is needed. Not counting further imponderables like compulsory OS4 purchase..."
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