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    > Is that the processor they're using?

    They didn't name it yet, but the hints are aiming closer and closer at the PA6T. See below.

    > I thought from the listed specs (running at 1.6) that they were using a Titan based
    > processor.

    From the A-Eon Q&A #3 which I already referred to in this thread:

    * "The A1-X1000's BIOS is the Common Firmware Environment, or CFE."

    My find regarding this:
    "The Electra board comes with a Common Firmware Environment (CFE) boot monitor loaded into the flash memory. CFE is used to initialize the CPUs, caches, memory controllers, and other peripherals on the PA6T-1682M device."

    * "To date all A1-X1000 motherboards have used CPU Samples and to avoid potential damage we have not run the CPU to its maximum rating."

    My comment regarding this:
    We had already known that the tests were run at 1.6 GHz but it was also said that this wasn't the CPU's nominal clock frequency. Some suspected the nominal speed to be below 1.6 GHz (hinting at APM83290/Titan) while others (including me) above 1.6 GHz (hinting at PA6T). Now, thanks to above statement from Q&A #3, we *know* that the nominal clock speed is indeed *above* 1.6 GHz, ruling APM83290/Titan out.

    > The last time I contacted someone making a PA Semi based board, they were having
    > trouble obtaining the processors.

    Regarding the CPU, A-Eon told: "It's quite a story, actually..."
    That would fit the PA6T quite well.
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