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    jacadcaps wrote:
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    As for merging and extra options, it can certainly be done. Also the creation of user keys. known_hosts management would require changes in the OpenSSH itself, which I'd pretty much would like to avoid.

    Hm, no? All that is needed is an "editor" for known_hosts, to add (ssh-keyscan) and remove entries, a bonus would be to also display fingerprints (ssh-keyscan -l, -v etc) for each of them.

    As it is currently, one has to edit known_hosts with a text editor if for example a host changes keys (not saying that it's a good thing that hosts do that, but it happens).


    I don't see how ssh-agent would be impossible, it just wouldn't be as safe as on *nix.

    OK, but the implementation would have to be rather different I imagine, due to lack of socket files etc?


    That doesn't really belong to the SSHCon project though. Same goes for scp/sftp - this is totally unrelated to SSHCon itself. And finally, same goes for tunneling / VPN.

    Exactly why I didnt count in "SSHCon" as an "ssh client" - it is "just" a dedicated console handler for the real ssh client, openssh.

    So I'll just say it again - MorphOS also lacks a "serious" ssh client, pointing fingers at OS4 here doesnt make much sense, the differences are rather marginal, IMO. It would be really cool with ssh put into a library or something, that apps can use to access remote resources, for example for browsing, maybe even sshmounting etc.

    A usefull thing that I suppose should be easy to implement in SSHCon is cluster feature, sending the same input to multiple consoles at once.

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