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    Velcro_SP wrote:

    Have you ever used a 5:4 resolution on an 8:5 format? Or any non-native resolution on a tft? It looks ugly and stupid.

    Those aren't really precise technical terms, Zylesea. Are you saying it looks awkwardly blocky and elongated? Uneven?

    The aspect doesn't fit any more. The pixels aren't quadratic any more. Also everything becomes unsharp, because there are more real pixels than delivered pixels, thus the pixels must get stretched. The benefit of the high precision is void with a tft when operated in another resolution than the native one (except you accept black bars or use the n-th fraction on the native resolution).
    long short: You're doing yourself a favour if you don't operate a 1280x1024px resolution on a display that doesn't fit exactly this resolution natively. But thechnically it works of course.

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