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    Velcro_SP wrote:

    1280x1024 is not okay for my 24" TFT which does 1920x1200 ;-)

    itix, out of curiosity what's the monitor do when you set it to that? Explode?

    Have you ever used a 5:4 resolution on an 8:5 format? Or any non-native resolution on a tft? It looks ugly and stupid. It would almost make explode *me*. Today's monitors are mainly full hd or 1680x1650 px.
    The 1280x1024 resolution is of course okay as long as you use 17" or 19" monitors that were popular until recently. But the market has shifted and while my good old 1280x1024 px monitor is still nicely working (still hooked up to my old Peg) I don't want to shwitch back from my 24" now.

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