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    I'm not worried about the X1000 processing capability. It's the PCIe video slot and the support for newer video cards (then we have) that bothers me.
    I'm sure if I bought a 2.0 GHz 7448 processor for my Powermac, it wouid esily outperform the X1000 (at a lot lower cost).
    I'm just hoping we can keep up with AOS in terms of video support.

    Oh, BTW, I have an XMOS based development board and I see no advantage to the implementation they're making with the X1000 (Xena). XMOS processor are better suited to creating devices that, in the past, would have required specialized chips. I'm currently working on a improved intelligent UART and PIA design to update an older controller board I have. I don't understand A-EON's intent (with their XENA design).

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