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    jacadcaps wrote:

    Any features you'd like to see in SSHCon ?

    Sure, plenty.
    * merge the server "bookmarks" with /progdir/conf/config (or whatever it is), gui for all the options (X11, port forwarding, compression, keepalive etc)
    * creation and management of user keys through the gui
    * management of known_hosts via the gui
    * unicode input methods, and improved unicode support in general - I have yet to see it work properly
    * ssh-agent - allow user to open keys and have promptfree logons without storing any passwords in config files (probably impossible to implement on amiga systems)
    * hook scp and sftp into ambient, browsing and filemanagement of remote filesystems

    SSHCon is not an ssh client thought, it is just a wrapper around openssh, openssh is ok for "serious" stuff, but a lot of it doesnt make sense on amiga systems. Tunnelling should be possible though, I suppose, nice for those that need something akin to VPN.
    -- kolla
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