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    >> PPC476FPE: 1.6 GHz, dual-core, 3x PCIe, 1x I²C
    >> PPC476GTR: 1.6 GHz, dual-core, 4x PCIe, 2x I²C, 1x SDHC, 1x SATA,
    >> 1x USB2, 2x USB1.1, Ethernet

    > PPC476GTR? Wow, that IS a hard one to get info on. I just contacted
    > IBM tech support and got the equivalent of 'huh?'. And a reference to
    > a different support line. IBM REALLY doesn't want to market components.

    Regarding the PPC476FPE, it seems that this SoC is what IBM uses as their FSP2 (Flexible Service Processor) board, which is the management processor in their non-OpenPOWER POWER8/POWER9 systems. This explains plausibly why the PPC476FPE part isn't marketed by IBM.


    Regarding the PPC476GTR SoC, I've yet to find out what this is actually used for.
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