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    redrumloa wrote:

    Jim wrote:
    I have decided to stop waffling about the purchase of an X5000 though and have set funds aside for that purpose (when it becomes possible).

    I never thought I'd find myself dependant on a release from Hyperion...

    Why not get the board without OS4.1FE? A-eonkit not offering it without OS4? Or you just mean the ridiculous slowness of HYPErion porting the OS holding up the release?

    They won't sell it until OS4.1 is ready, and when they do they are only going to give us a $20 rebate on OS4.
    Might as well have a reason to hold Hyperion to their promise of the mythic OS4.2.
    Plus, if I ever sell it (which isn't that likely) I can supply OS4.1 to the buyer.
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