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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > the product they sold were excessively expensive to develop [...] given the low volume

    These two things are independently of each other, which is the very reason for the high sales price.

    > they had [...] some very strange choices of CPU's!

    The CPU choice for Tabor is a real mystery, yes, whereas I think the choices for Nemo and Cyrus were sensible at the time they were arrived at.


    I won't bother even responding to your ridiculous rants, other than to say, you think you know it all and have the only valid perspective, but I assure you that you do not.


    I agree with you that the only CPU choice that is puzzling, given the time frame the choices were made, is the CPU in the Tabor A1222, and that I blame on Varisys probably giving Trevor and Matthew bad, or at least, uninformed advice. The people at Varisys don't have prior Amiga experience and probably don't keep up to date on the conversations in our community. Why the fact that the CPU used in the Tabor would be a problem, not having a supported FPU, escaped the notice of Trevor and Matthew could probably just be due to neither of them being hardware guys and under estimating the problem. I am pretty sure that the guys at Varisys would have dismissed it as even being a problem, and probably just told Trevor and Matthew that it was an easy software fix or work around.

    Edit: Until the Tabor is actually released running AmigaOS4.1FE, no one can really say how much of a performance problem the FPU will be.

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