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    amigadave wrote:
    I really like Trevor Dickinson and Matthew Leaman of A-Eon

    No shit?



    but I worry a little about the choices they have made for new system hardware. That, plus the snails pace that Hyperion is able to complete ports to new hardware is a recipe for failure

    I think the meaning of the word "insane" is finally starting to sink into you...



    but perhaps there are still enough devoted AmigaOS4.x users to purchase X5000 and A1222 systems, to save A-Eon from losing so much money that Trevor gets discouraged to the point of giving up his dream to provide hardware that keeps AmigaOS4.x development alive.

    I can't believe anyone is actually cheering for the corporate side that is actually making insane decisions at the expense of devoted (blind?) Amiga enthusiasts who will litterally buy anything they would offer, as long as someone say it's (well...cough...kind-of..) AMIIIIGAAA!!!!1!

    They have made everything wrong. Everything! I (kind of) understand they fealt some need to shoulder some kind of responsibilit of OS4 development (HW side (*and* SW side as well, come to think of it)) given the fact that the OS4 project did litteraly crash and burn years ago (obvious to everyone but a few). But they have mislead a great number of people into buying into (with LOTS of dollars/euros) a future that is basically a dead-end. And the product they sold were excessively expensive to develop (by paying premium price to Varisys) given the low volume, and they had some really insane design decisions, like the whole Xorro/Xena/Whatever stuff that not even they themselves know what it's there for, and some very strange choices of CPU's! And they have done all this repeatedly! That's the definition of insane in my books!

    And here you are hoping that *they* won't lose money, that "enthusiasts" will fill their pockets (at the expense of any alternatives, past present or future) so that they can do it all over again? When will you realise there is no plan? AeonKit are not even official decision makes on behalf of the OS4 platform! At this point, probably no-one is!

    OS4 should have supported the same Mac models that MorphOS did. Then they should have strived for x64 move, with modern features like SMP and full 64-bit computing, ISA move, etc.

    But it won't happen. Because then came the "Tabor", with *a whole new level* of stupid.

    All this prevents a real future for the OS4 platform, the OS4 no-future dead-end direction is nurtured by the few misguided people with too much money at hand who actually buys what AeonKit eventually manage to get out the door.
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