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    I really like Trevor Dickinson and Matthew Leaman of A-Eon, but I worry a little about the choices they have made for new system hardware. That, plus the snails pace that Hyperion is able to complete ports to new hardware is a recipe for failure, but perhaps there are still enough devoted AmigaOS4.x users to purchase X5000 and A1222 systems, to save A-Eon from losing so much money that Trevor gets discouraged to the point of giving up his dream to provide hardware that keeps AmigaOS4.x development alive.

    If by some miracle A-Eon sells out all the X5000 and A1222 systems they have planned to produce over the next couple of years, and IF A-Eon decides to continue building custom PPC systems in the future, I would hope that they get better advice from someone outside of Varisys (someone like Andreas Wolf & Jim), who has done tons of research on what is available, but is also well aware of the needs and wants of our community.

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