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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > I'm not worried about the X1000 processing capability. [...] I'm sure if I bought a 2.0 GHz
    > 7448 processor for my Powermac, it wouid esily outperform the X1000

    MPC7448 @ 2.0 GHz (overclocked) vs. one core of PA6T-1682M @ 2.0 GHz would be an interesting comparison. It might not come out as clearly as you think, maybe even the opposite way :-)

    > I see no advantage to the implementation they're making with the X1000 (Xena).
    > [...] I don't understand A-EON's intent (with their XENA design).

    Here I'm completely with you. XCore/Xena on Nemo makes no sense to me. Their intention might be to offer something they can pretend to be resembling the old Amiga custom chips in philosophy (see Hyperion stating that Xena, "in true Amiga tradition, provides the AmigaOne X1000 with a custom chipset"), which I consider misleading.

    PA Semi is low power desktop type of G5 CPU with high L1 and L2 cache, FPU, Altivec and memory transfer performance. So G4 would beat it instantly. However, Nemo board is ahead of any G4 board. If looking performance per wat, PA Semi is a winner.

    It seems Pa Semi on Nemo is downclocked to 1.8GHz from 2Ghz, so its now question how to make additional 10% clock boost (jumpers, software overclock?)

    It turned out poor X1000 booting performance was partially caused by slow CFE firmware but also its setting to wake CPU at 500Mhz only (!!!!) that comes as default (!!!!).

    Not to mention OS4 doesn't support nearly half of board features now. So its more Linux machine in practice, even it has great potential and I found decision not to port MOS as sad. That is why I now have SAM460ex on table.

    XCore is not UNUSABLE chip, but since it doesnt have Linux PPC Tools and OS4 one are early, plus you need XORRO card + hardware work on it + programming with no visual tools - they have made it far too complicated. But it can do things like SMART HOME CONTROL.

    A real DSP on board would be way more Amigish, like Falcon had.

    And they did false advertising with its comparison to Transputer
    and adding more Xena cores (how when Xorro isn`t it? Via USB? PCI?) for more
    additional power. Sadness to make baby be born and not care about it.

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