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    > The codenames for those two Nemo successors seem to be "Cyrus" and "Breezin"
    > (don't know which is which). Trevor adds: "These will not be ready for a long time."

    2 new mainboards, both having "CYRUS" written on them:
    (confusingly enough, "Breezin" seems to be both the codename of the Cyrus v1 and v2 boards and of the complete Cyrus v2 system, as well as a reference in old Commodore Amiga tradition that was also followed with the Nemo board.)

    PCB schematics and other pictures:

    "Cyrus is the MicroATX board [...] and Cyrus+ is full ATX just like the current X1000."

    "I can confirm that there's no south bridge on boards."

    "Both boards have a P5020. Trevor said that I P5040 will be an option at some point. The Cyrus, MicroATX board had the SOC mounted on a small carier card so it may be that they have already been using a P5040 in testing on that board."

    "The current hope is to have beta testing programme ready for around the time of Amiwest."

    "The two Cyrus boards were the first & second prototypes (the second barely being finished in time for the show). [...] it sounded like they've got some flexibility/choice on which CPU they eventually end-up using anyway."

    "Cyrus will have a 5020 CPU, which is dual core, and runs at 2GHz. It takes DDR3 RAM. Eventually it should also run a 5040, which is pin-compatible, quad-core, and runs at 2.4GHz. (This CPU is very new, so they are awaiting pricing, availability, etc.) So the Cyrus design should last a long time. They hope to start beta-testing it by AmiWest, but it won't be on sale for a long time (perhaps a year or more). It will require entirely new motherboard drivers, but at least for beta-testing they will likely use PCI(-E?) cards for sound & networking. Cyrus is planned to be a full ATX formfactor, but they MAY also do a smaller version (undecided)."

    "The first prototype was the smaller board, the second prototype was the full-sized ATX board. So there COULD be two boards, it isn't decided yet. No doubt they will eventually have one board with different CPU options (e.g. dual-core & quad-core)."

    Further information from an Interview with Trevor on CYRUS:
    - Xena/Xorro is onboard
    - the older (and smaller) one of the 2 prototype boards is from 2012

    Close-ups of the CYRUS+ board:

    From Trevor:
    "While the AmigaONE X1000 remains A-EON's flagship product, we were also there to see the latest prototype of a new motherboard that we had commissioned Varisys to design. The new board, codenamed Cyrus Plus, will be an eventual replacement for the Nemo board. The revision 2.0 prototype contains a Freescale P5020 CPU which is a 2 GHz, 64-bit dual-core PowerPC SoC. The Cyrus Plus board will also accept the new P5040 when it becomes commercially available in greater volume. This is a 64-bit quad-core PowerPC Freescale CPU which operates up to 2.4 GHz. As with Nemo, the new board will now undergo a rigorous testing phase before a small batch is produced for developers. Once that process is complete an additional batch of boards will be manufactured for a reduced beta test programme, which all being well will commence towards the end of this year. The first Cyrus prototype board was completed at the end of last year. It's replacement, the Cyrus Plus 2.0 was delivered to Varisys just two days prior to the show and both prototype boards were on display at the Silicon Dreams show [...]"

    "it will have a Xena/Xorro combination. [...] unfortnately the smaller factor board did not really reduce the cost of manufacture very much ..especially when you factor in NRE
    So we decided to concentrate on the larger board for the timebeing. [...] We took a concious decision a while back to provide sound with a PCI or PCIe card.

    "The Cyrus development is the future replacement for the Nemo motherboard when the supply of P.A. Semi CPUs finally dries up or the price becomes commercially unviable. The Cyrus board was the original Revision 1.0 prototype and was completed towards the end of last year. Cyrus Plus is the Revision 2.0 board which includes additional PCIe and PCI slots. The Cyrus design is based on the Freescale P5020 CPU which is a dual-core 64-bit PowerPC SoC. It also supports DDR3 RAM and includes an improved Xena/Xorro combination. [...] we are including Xena/Xorro capability on the future Cyrus hardware."

    "Two prototype boards for future AmigaOne machines were on display. The Cyrus and its first revision, the Cyrus 2.0 /Cyrus +, are evolutions of the Nemo board from the AmigaOne X1000. [...] AmigaOS 4.1/4.2 onwards is not the only OS being considered, and although the Cyrus+ started as a revision of the first Cyrus, serious thought is being put into developing both board sizes to final product, both of which can use Freescales 5020 dual-core 64-bit PPC processor and its 5040 quad-core bigger brother, among other CPUs."

    "Cyrus entered development a little while ago and at Silicon Dreams 2013, Trevor from A-Eon put Cyrus (Mk 1) and Cyrus+ (Mk 2) boards on display. The Cyrus Plus 2.0 [...] is a larger (fullsize ATX) board than the Cyrus micro-ATX board, and although it's officially the mark-two version of the board, Trevor is not ruling out the development of both board sizes. [...] The Cyrus Plus 2.0 is designed to take SoC processors from Freescale's P50x0 line with the 2GHz 64-bit dual-core P5020 being the initial target CPU, although it will support the P5040 quad-core 2.4GHz unit when commercially viable. [...] We're talking second prototype here, though, so testing, development and then a small run for a closed beta test will have to take place before a release candidate is selected, so 18 months at the least. [...] The next motherboard for AmigaOS (which may also support MorphOS and Linux)"

    Edit: Added some more quotes and info.

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