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    No problem, I am just trying to put off my developer/geek/compsci hat (which I wear a lot at my office) and approach MorphOS from a regular "newbie user" standpoint...

    Here is what I wrote on LinkedIn, maybe it will clarify my approach with MorphOS so far:

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    Which brings me to another question: is MorphOS an attempt to one day fully replace another mainstream OS or is it just another hurray in the shrinking Amiga community? The fact that it's not free makes me think it's the former and I will be happy if that is the case. But, if that is so, the number of people who actually switch to it (and not just use it as a nostalgic token) will be crucial for its survival and I just don't see it happening in large numbers right now (is there any statistics about downloads and # of people who paid the license fee?).

    Don't get me wrong, I cannot remember when I felt this enthusiastic about something non-mainstream, Amiga-related or not (without even trying it first! just based on what I have seen so far!) and I can't wait to try it myself but I seriously think lowering the license fee and covering more hardware would help tremendously. I know that's a catch 22: if you don't have enough revenue you lose motivation of improving the OS and then the project dies. It happened before. I am trying to look into this from the consumer attractiveness and the development team profitability perspective (as opposed to the fragile nostalgic enthusiast - nostalgic developer relation).

    Regarding X1000 and other hardware-related projects: I think making hardware (and making it profitable!) is on the order of magnitude harder than making just software. While I would probably try to somehow support those efforts as well, I think I am an outlier here and not many people would buy into it. You talk about "clusters of cores" and "FPGA" acronyms which most consumers these days don't even understand nor care about. What they do care about is "can I run my stuff on this so it does not get into way". Again, this is from the profitability and consumer perspective -- we Amiga fans are already sold but we are not enough to make these projects sustainable. I hope that there is still some hope for a real Amiga renaissance, it remains to be seen...

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    > In my opinion, trashcan is lame. People that really know what they
    > are doing with their data don't need it.
    > Or at least, I can't figure out a situation where it would be needed.

    > One can always throw stuff to ramdisk
    > Also, no thrash on rm/rmdir linux command and people live with it.

    Now this is just insulting elitism. While I am happy to be a part of the bunch who is talking like this (and, most of my time, I am!), It DOES NOT HELP THE SALES :-)

    Just trying to help...
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