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    mihailod wrote:
    Yeah, it's a philosophical issue, I know.

    Whether you are going to try to reeducate 99% of the potential users or whether you are going to do what's the least surprising for them and let the 1% of uber-users customize to the current situation. I am talking regular folks here used to other OSes who might be wanting potentially to switch to MorphOS and needed to be convinced to shell 150 euros...

    They are not going to dig forums or read instructions for such a trivial thing. They are not going to buy into any rationalization either. They are going to say "I cannot recover a deleted file" and give up. :-(

    Every new system needs some learning, otherwise there wouldn't be much point to try different systems :). You can't avoid these kind of situations on any system. I'm familiar with many kinds of systems, but when I finally played around with OSX on my Mac mini, I had many WTF situations which I had to google to get explained :). For example how to delete files without moving them to trashcan.. and I still can't remember the key combination for that.. it wasn't the easiest to remember :P

    But OK, some common ways could be adopted to get new users from other platforms attracted, but as MorphOS hasn't been ready for that until recently, all the details aren't there yet. Main focus has been with AmigaOS 3.x users earlier and they usually know these things already. In any case, there have been bigger issues to solve and build to make system more friendly to newcomers, I don't believe this trashcan issue for example would be any major issue deciding if you like the OS or not. But I guess it's good for developers to hear these kind of points too.

    BTW. something more about that .recycled dir. Probably the best use of it is that all modified and saved files by system or any other program end up there too, not just the files user deletes etc. If you mess up and save some wrong settings, you can copy working config files back from the .recycled. It also preserves different versions of the files. You can usually revert the config files from certain date or for example 5 saves ago etc.
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