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    I like it more when it doesn't have icon, because it's fully automatic unlike on old Amiga. You don't have to empty it, it removes items there automatically when needed. So, in normal use you just don't have to care about it at all. And in rare situations when you have to restore something, you know it's there for backup, but it's not visible for everyone to tinker in normal use. Also the items there won't use the HD space, so it doesn't affect to available free space counters like on some other systems. I don't like at all when I have to be manually emptying trashcans on other systems.. and all the time thinking what went there and what I decide to delete completely... usually I just end up to use shift-del on Windows machines etc.

    In any case it isn't a bug. It's a feature on that particular filesystem and it's a lot better than trashcans on old Amigas :) And as said, there are options to show it and I'd add one option more: You can add path to it into your Ambient bookmarks.
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