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    I am curious why there is no Trash Can functionality in MorphOS default installation. Is this something that can be added as a plugin or customization?

    All modern OSes have it and Amiga, back in the day, even went a step further and, instead of a global Trash Can, it had a Trash Can on each volume (even on each floopy, if I rememeber correctly).

    Yes, I do see some Salvage tools are available but it would be maybe better if a real Trash Can feature was simply there ("better" = much easier for normal users to undelete accidentaly deleted file).

    Before filing this as a missing feature, I would like to hear reasoning and pros and cons behind such decision.

    P.S. And, of course, maybe I missed Trash Can completely! I could not see it on the desktop, and the right-click menus only had "Delete" after which the file is gone. So, even if it's there and I still missed it after several hours of usage of the OS that would be another issue then.
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