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    I never noticed it until I read this topic, but I think there should be an icon on the desktop relating to deleted items, similar to Trash or Recycle Bin. The explanation that it is not necessary because of the SFS is only confusing to me. The only conclusion I can guess, is that the SFS is a much more improved version of a Recycle Bin, but I do not understand why a Recycle Bin icon and folder can't be a feature of the SFS Deleted Hidden Subfolder or whatever it's called.

    I am now going to share my experience with Windows and how it parallels with MorphOS. Windows is very slow Operating System. Every necessary feature that Microsoft adds to Windows, they add 14 other unnecessary features. I spend about two weeks figuring out how to undo the new unnecessary and very slow bloatware features. Undoing things such as Start Screen, Metro Apps, and the setting Metro Apps as the default Apps is also annoying, Edge Swipes, Hot Corners, Charms Bar, ... in addition to setting my recommended preference of "Use Windows For Best Performance" setting, and the High Contrast Setting ... I do not like needing to customize it just to make it usable.

    Morphos is both slightly similar and slightly different. While every feature is turned ON by default with Windows, every feature is turned OFF by default with MorphOS! Why? Because Amiga Users have no use for these features?! Will adding such features risk decreasing MorphOS performance? So, now I have to customize MorphOS which involves complicated procedures similar to the complicated procedure of purging Metro Apps from Windows.

    I do not like the solution of moving files to Ram Disk (What is a RAM Disk?) I like the solution of SFS Doctor, Global application available for download, and the preference settings.

    Is there a knowledge base included with MorphOS? You will need one. Also, you simply must write a Knowledge Base article perhaps in the MorphOS Wiki also, offering solutions for the Trash Icon.

    Quickly dismissing the requested feature because Amiga users and programmers have no use for the feature is going to detract potential new users looking to try a new OS.

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